Famous food MUST eat in Osaka


Famous food MUST eat in Osaka

We are introducing 5 of the authentic Osaka food that you can not miss when you visit here. They are Takoyaki, Okonomiyaki, Fugu, Kushikatsu and Yakiniku.

All these food can be found all over Osaka does not matter where you are, Umeda, Dotonbori and Shinseikai is the biggest gourmet area with famous restaurant to serve it.

  1.  Takoyaki

This is a basic snack that can be easily found anywhere, and some of the restaurant offer the option for you to cook on your own. It is extremely easy to prepare the ingredient, the recipe is batter or eggs and flour filled with Octopus, ginger, spring onions and tempura crumb. It is cook using a specially design half ball shape Teppan under extremely quick and well-trained skill by the store worker. After it is cooked, it will then topped with traditional sweet brown sauce, mayonnaise , sprinkle of powder nori seaweed, and dried flakes of bonito. Eat it while it is hot for the best taste but be aware of burning your tongue.

There are more than 5 stores selling Takoyaki along Dotonbori street itself.

If you are cooking your own Takoyaki, you are able to modify the fillings, some will change the octopus to another kind of meat such as beef slice, pork and chicken, cheese lover can also add in cheese for better flavour.

Usually Takoyaki is serve in set, you can purchase number of 3,5,10 or 20 balls depending on your appetite and offering from the store. It cost around JPY 600 for set of 5 pieces.


  1.  Okonomiyaki

Okonomiyaki is a savory pancake make from egg, flour, grated yam and shredded cabbage . these are the basic and on top you can add on additional ingredient as per your liking such as pork, shrimp, cheese, tomato, beef and so on to suit your own preference. The meaning behind Okonomiyaki is Grill anything that you like. Once it is cooked, the topping is similar to Takoyaki, where you can put traditional brown sauce, mayonnaise, powdered nori seaweed, and dried bonito flakes.

You can find Okonomiyaki restaurant anywhere in Osaka, the table setting usually have a pan in the middle of the table, as it will be grilled right in front of you.

There are many choices of menu offered, so choose the best to your liking and enjoy it, you will definitely enjoy it.

  1.  Fugu

Fugu fish is famous dish to be found in Japan, and usually it is eaten raw. Some people will call it blowfish as it looks like a balloon shape swimming in the aquarium.

It need to be prepared by certified chef because this fish is poisonous and it can caused death if not treated properly.  But you do not have to worry as most of Fugu chef have to go through 3 years of training before a cert is granted for them to serve customer.

The usual way of eating Fugu is to slice it thin and serve it on a plate as sashimi style. Some diner do not take raw food can make it into shabu shabu, bbq, make into tempura, deep fry or make as fugu kara-ge.

There are famous fugu shop along Dotonbori and Shinseikai, look for a huge round cute fish hanging in the air to spot the shop. You can also find it fresh in Kuramon market where the seller will prepare immediately after your order.

  1.  Kushikatsu

The golden rule of eating Kushikatsu is DIP ONLY ONE TIME.

Kushikatsu are skewered meat , seafood, vege that are covered in bread crump and deep fried until golden colour. There will be a tray of dipping sauce on the table to add extra flavour to the food.

Always remember do not double dip your food as the sauce is shared with everyone else.

Kushikatsu is known to be started in Shinseikai originally around 1930s

Today, there are many shops offering Kushikatsu especially restaurant in Shinseikai.

It may look simple and small portion, but once you started eating, you will tend to order one after another because it is so tasty.

Pair it with glass of beer for the best combination.

  1.  Yakiniku

Yakiniku is actually BBQ Beef. It is started by a Korean restaurant owner years ago, but the Korean bbq are still a better choice.

Due to it is widely accepted in the culture, especially during the cold season, eating grilled meat can warm up your body and it is a good time to get together with family and co worker.

Many Yakiniku store offer all you can eat option at very affordable price, you can taste different part of the beef by grilling theme the griller in the middle of the table.

The eating style is also similar to where the Korean, where you wrap the meat with vege and dip in sauce before eating.

You can also order to grill mushroom and vege from the menu offered.

We will update more in the future blog post.


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