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It is always a rush hour in the morning, and working people tend to skip breakfast. It is a very unhealthy habits as it will damage your body in slow pace.

There are many foods for grab and go easily available in the convenient shop these days, but why go for when you can have a full fresh meal prepared to you that is healthier and bake on demand.

In MAISON de gigi Osaka, we have recently launch a new menu offering 3 different toast selections to serve the morning customer around Shinsaibashi area. You can have a set of toast with a cup of beverage starting at JPY 600.

  1. Egg and Cheese Toast

You will get a half boiled egg hidden in between the bread and cheese layer, it may look simple but it is definitely full with protein for your daily activity.

  1. Garlic and Cheese Toast

This is great for cheese lover, you can smell the cheese aroma when our staff if baking in the kitchen, it is topped with rich cheddar sauce and parsley flakes before serving to you. It can be a deal breaker for some office people due to the strong garlic taste, anyway that is the reason why people invented Mint Sweets.

  1. Ham and Cheese Toast with Egg

If Egg and Cheese is not enough, this is an option you will get a slice of Ham paired with cheese and egg. This should fill your stomach well and provide you energy for the day until you hit lunch break.

All the above Toast set come with a free drink. you may choose a coffee/ tea/ orange juice or grapefruit juice.

If these options are not your preference, just add JPY 100 to upgrade to any other drinks in our menu.

MAISON de gigi coffee is served with medium dark roasted coffee bean which is strong in aroma but not too bitter. It is suitable for customer who to now like too strong coffee.

We are located at 2-2-17, Shinsaibashisuji, Osaka shi. Please click on for MAP

Business hour: 10am – 10pm

Instagram: @ maisondegigi 


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