Waffle Parfait パフェ

Waffle Parfait パフェ

Who does not like a big cup of parfait top with waffle and soft cream, on top of that you get fresh fruits and specially make flavor syrup to make the parfait taste better.

In MAISON de gigi, parfait is one of the dessert offered for dine in and take away.

It contain a Plain waffle, vanilla ice cream, granola cereals, fresh cream from Hokaido, Soft cream from Hokaido and topping according to the flavor.

With dine in price of JPY 800 you will get serving that is satisfied.

  1. Strawberry waffle Parfait イチゴパフェ

Look at the yummy fresh strawberry on top of the soft cream. Yummy


  1. Chocolate waffle Parfait チョコレートパフェ

Chocolate and Banana is always the perfect match, top with chocolate chip and high quality chocolate sauce.


  1. Maccha (Greentea) waffle Parfait 抹茶パフェ

Paired with Red bean on the top, you will remember the taste.


  1. Mango waffle Parfait マンゴパフェイト

Top seller out of the 4 choices as Mango gave you a freshening taste. We also serve with real Mango cube.


Take away option is available too at lower lower selling price. With lesser ingredients.


Drop by our café at Shinsaibashisuji to rest your foot after long shopping spree.

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