Places to visit in Osaka

Places to visit during your visit to Osaka, Japan.

  1. Osaka Castle

Osaka castle is the main symbols and attraction of Osaka. It has history of around 400 over years as it was constructed in the year of 1583 by Toyotomi Hideyoshi.

The structure of the castle was modelled after Azuchi castle, it may look similar to the other castle around the country, but it definitely worth your time and effort visiting this.


No matter which season you visit to Osaka, the scenery around the castle will caught your eye, and you can have wonderful photo shooting around the castle, there are a garden outside the castle where you can snap the full castle as the background.

Entrance fee to castle : 600yen

There will be audio translation machine for rent at ground floor information counter, its free.

2. Kuromon Ichiba Market

This is where you will get the freshest seafood in Osaka, there are more than 150 stalls here to cater for most of the restaurant owner and chef in Osaka for their ingredient. Local will come here for business and tourist can visit here to try the fresh ingredients.

You can get the fresh sashimi, sushi that is processed right away in front of you.

Beef and Fugu also can be found in this market.

Arrange your trip to be here early morning, good place for breakfast too.

3. Shinsaibashi shopping street

Shinsaibashi is the main shopping street where the local and tourist must visit, it stretch longer than 500m for the main section, it will be more than 1km in total if added the other section. In this street, you can find international chain fashion brand, famous food franchise as well as local brand to choose from.

It is a good place to hang out if you have lots of time, some say 4 hours is not enough to spend in this street because there are too many things to offer.

Most of the shop open around 10-11am, it will get busy usually after lunch hour until late evening.

This is also one of the main entertainment hub in Osaka, there are many Izakaya and pub nearby the shopping street.

MAISON de gigi is located along the street, be sure to follow the waffle smell and look for the cute Cat logo signage for the best waffle in Shinsaibasahi street.

4. Dotonbori

Connected with Shinsaibashi suji is the famous food street of Osaka, everything you wish to eat in Osaka can be found along the street, be it a simple street food, premium beef slice or live seafood.

You able to see the extremely big food replica hanging out from a building to catch your attention, look for the big crab sign to snap a photo serve as memory. Be sure not to forget the big Octopus too, as it is the main food to eat in Osaka, Takoyaki.

5. Shinseikai

Another food street to visit in Osaka will be Shinseikai, this is where you can visit the Tsutenkaku Tower, a symbolic tower in Osaka. Be sure to go on the top to have a bird eye view of the city, it is only one of the observation deck available in Osaka,

There is also a Japanese theme sky garden where you can visit and relax.

Kushikatsu was founded in Shinseikai years ago and the culture was kept until now, people will purposely visit here for the original taste of it.

Same as Dotonbori, you can also see big replicas around the street, good for photo shooting too.

6. Abeno Harukas

This is the tallest building in Japan. It has 60 floors and about 300 metres height. It is rare to see Japan has tall building due to the geographic location where earthquake tend to happen, but recent technology and knowledge has make it possible to have sky scrapper on the island country.

There is an observation deck on the top of the building occupied 3 floors name as Harukas 300. You may go up through 16th floor of the building

Under the tallest tower is the largest department store the Abeno Harukas Kintetsu Department store. It has 100,000 square metres of retail spaces. There are many international brand can be found in the building comprises of 2 building, tower and wing.

7. Umeda Sky tower

Located at the north(Kita) part of Osaka, Umeda sky tower is 173metre tall and consist of 2 separate towers. The top of the tower is connected by a ring shape observation desk.

Designer of this building is same as Kyoto Station, Hiroshi Hara.

The top of the building is a good place to observe the sunset in Osaka as well as the night view of the city.

It will cost JPY1000 to enter the observation desk.

8. Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan

Osaka aquarium is one of the biggest aquarium in the world. It has 27 tanks in 16 exhibits showcase the different marine habitat. The deepest part of the tank is 9meters where you are able to see the main attraction of whale sharks.

It is located at Osaka bay, next to the aquarium is the Tempozan Ferris wheel. It take 15mins to take one round of the 100m diameter wheel at the highest point of 112.5 metres. It is good to drop by after visiting the aquarium.



Waffle Parfait パフェ

Waffle Parfait パフェ

Who does not like a big cup of parfait top with waffle and soft cream, on top of that you get fresh fruits and specially make flavor syrup to make the parfait taste better.

In MAISON de gigi, parfait is one of the dessert offered for dine in and take away.

It contain a Plain waffle, vanilla ice cream, granola cereals, fresh cream from Hokaido, Soft cream from Hokaido and topping according to the flavor.

With dine in price of JPY 800 you will get serving that is satisfied.

  1. Strawberry waffle Parfait イチゴパフェ

Look at the yummy fresh strawberry on top of the soft cream. Yummy


  1. Chocolate waffle Parfait チョコレートパフェ

Chocolate and Banana is always the perfect match, top with chocolate chip and high quality chocolate sauce.


  1. Maccha (Greentea) waffle Parfait 抹茶パフェ

Paired with Red bean on the top, you will remember the taste.


  1. Mango waffle Parfait マンゴパフェイト

Top seller out of the 4 choices as Mango gave you a freshening taste. We also serve with real Mango cube.


Take away option is available too at lower lower selling price. With lesser ingredients.


Drop by our café at Shinsaibashisuji to rest your foot after long shopping spree.

Location Map

Facebook: MAISON de gigi

Instagram: # maisondegigi

Business hour: 10am – 10pm

Toast Menu

Toast Set

It is always a rush hour in the morning, and working people tend to skip breakfast. It is a very unhealthy habits as it will damage your body in slow pace.

There are many foods for grab and go easily available in the convenient shop these days, but why go for when you can have a full fresh meal prepared to you that is healthier and bake on demand.

In MAISON de gigi Osaka, we have recently launch a new menu offering 3 different toast selections to serve the morning customer around Shinsaibashi area. You can have a set of toast with a cup of beverage starting at JPY 600.

  1. Egg and Cheese Toast

You will get a half boiled egg hidden in between the bread and cheese layer, it may look simple but it is definitely full with protein for your daily activity.

  1. Garlic and Cheese Toast

This is great for cheese lover, you can smell the cheese aroma when our staff if baking in the kitchen, it is topped with rich cheddar sauce and parsley flakes before serving to you. It can be a deal breaker for some office people due to the strong garlic taste, anyway that is the reason why people invented Mint Sweets.

  1. Ham and Cheese Toast with Egg

If Egg and Cheese is not enough, this is an option you will get a slice of Ham paired with cheese and egg. This should fill your stomach well and provide you energy for the day until you hit lunch break.

All the above Toast set come with a free drink. you may choose a coffee/ tea/ orange juice or grapefruit juice.

If these options are not your preference, just add JPY 100 to upgrade to any other drinks in our menu.

MAISON de gigi coffee is served with medium dark roasted coffee bean which is strong in aroma but not too bitter. It is suitable for customer who to now like too strong coffee.

We are located at 2-2-17, Shinsaibashisuji, Osaka shi. Please click on for MAP

Business hour: 10am – 10pm

Instagram: @ maisondegigi 

Famous food MUST eat in Osaka


Famous food MUST eat in Osaka

We are introducing 5 of the authentic Osaka food that you can not miss when you visit here. They are Takoyaki, Okonomiyaki, Fugu, Kushikatsu and Yakiniku.

All these food can be found all over Osaka does not matter where you are, Umeda, Dotonbori and Shinseikai is the biggest gourmet area with famous restaurant to serve it.

  1.  Takoyaki

This is a basic snack that can be easily found anywhere, and some of the restaurant offer the option for you to cook on your own. It is extremely easy to prepare the ingredient, the recipe is batter or eggs and flour filled with Octopus, ginger, spring onions and tempura crumb. It is cook using a specially design half ball shape Teppan under extremely quick and well-trained skill by the store worker. After it is cooked, it will then topped with traditional sweet brown sauce, mayonnaise , sprinkle of powder nori seaweed, and dried flakes of bonito. Eat it while it is hot for the best taste but be aware of burning your tongue.

There are more than 5 stores selling Takoyaki along Dotonbori street itself.

If you are cooking your own Takoyaki, you are able to modify the fillings, some will change the octopus to another kind of meat such as beef slice, pork and chicken, cheese lover can also add in cheese for better flavour.

Usually Takoyaki is serve in set, you can purchase number of 3,5,10 or 20 balls depending on your appetite and offering from the store. It cost around JPY 600 for set of 5 pieces.


  1.  Okonomiyaki

Okonomiyaki is a savory pancake make from egg, flour, grated yam and shredded cabbage . these are the basic and on top you can add on additional ingredient as per your liking such as pork, shrimp, cheese, tomato, beef and so on to suit your own preference. The meaning behind Okonomiyaki is Grill anything that you like. Once it is cooked, the topping is similar to Takoyaki, where you can put traditional brown sauce, mayonnaise, powdered nori seaweed, and dried bonito flakes.

You can find Okonomiyaki restaurant anywhere in Osaka, the table setting usually have a pan in the middle of the table, as it will be grilled right in front of you.

There are many choices of menu offered, so choose the best to your liking and enjoy it, you will definitely enjoy it.

  1.  Fugu

Fugu fish is famous dish to be found in Japan, and usually it is eaten raw. Some people will call it blowfish as it looks like a balloon shape swimming in the aquarium.

It need to be prepared by certified chef because this fish is poisonous and it can caused death if not treated properly.  But you do not have to worry as most of Fugu chef have to go through 3 years of training before a cert is granted for them to serve customer.

The usual way of eating Fugu is to slice it thin and serve it on a plate as sashimi style. Some diner do not take raw food can make it into shabu shabu, bbq, make into tempura, deep fry or make as fugu kara-ge.

There are famous fugu shop along Dotonbori and Shinseikai, look for a huge round cute fish hanging in the air to spot the shop. You can also find it fresh in Kuramon market where the seller will prepare immediately after your order.

  1.  Kushikatsu

The golden rule of eating Kushikatsu is DIP ONLY ONE TIME.

Kushikatsu are skewered meat , seafood, vege that are covered in bread crump and deep fried until golden colour. There will be a tray of dipping sauce on the table to add extra flavour to the food.

Always remember do not double dip your food as the sauce is shared with everyone else.

Kushikatsu is known to be started in Shinseikai originally around 1930s

Today, there are many shops offering Kushikatsu especially restaurant in Shinseikai.

It may look simple and small portion, but once you started eating, you will tend to order one after another because it is so tasty.

Pair it with glass of beer for the best combination.

  1.  Yakiniku

Yakiniku is actually BBQ Beef. It is started by a Korean restaurant owner years ago, but the Korean bbq are still a better choice.

Due to it is widely accepted in the culture, especially during the cold season, eating grilled meat can warm up your body and it is a good time to get together with family and co worker.

Many Yakiniku store offer all you can eat option at very affordable price, you can taste different part of the beef by grilling theme the griller in the middle of the table.

The eating style is also similar to where the Korean, where you wrap the meat with vege and dip in sauce before eating.

You can also order to grill mushroom and vege from the menu offered.

We will update more in the future blog post.


MAISON de gigi is located in Shinsaibashisuji, just next to Dotonbori bridge, 5 minutes walk from Dotonbori Bridge Glico man, you will find a black color building if coming from Dotonbori direction, with a Cute cat logo and fantastic smell of waffle.

We serve liege waffle, pancake and parfaits.



いちごワッフルはいちご本来の強い甘味、酸味と良質な香りを持っており 私達は最高の商品を提供するために選別した良質な果実しか使用致しておりません。 チョコレートワッフルは高品質カカオのチョコレートソースに覆われた心斎橋一の商品となっております。


店舗2階には猫をモチーフにした装飾など 可愛らしい雰囲気とワッフル独特の香りも一緒にご堪能ください。 また当店自慢の暖かみのあるスタッフもお迎えいたします。

暑くなって来た今の時期に一押しなのがチョコレートバナナ味 美味しくないわけがないこの組み合わせは “チョコバナナリエージュワッフル”, “チョコバナナブリュッセルワッフル”,”チョコバナナパンケーキ”,”チョコバナナスムージ”等バリエーションも豊富ですので ぜひお友達や家族と様々な味の違いをお楽しみ下さい。 また歩き疲れて喉が渇いた時には シェービングアイスシリーズをお試し下さい。

中でもオススメはアジア限定レシピのマンゴサゴ。 マンゴーデザートにココナッツミルクを加え さらにふんだんにサゴ”タピオカ”を入れております。 一度試してみる価値ありの商品となっております。 お飲み物だけでも気軽にお立ち寄り下さい。